The prologue of the trip

This is the first trip I did after getting into my Bachelor’s. It was around the year 2014. I and my friends decided to visit this city called Idar and the nearby forest “Polo Forest”. Idar is also known as the City of Mountains as so many mountains can be found. Polo forest gets so green after the monsoon season.

About Idar and Polo Forest

It is one of the most memorable trips to this time. we started from Nadiad, Gujarat (a city where I graduated). First, we reached to Ahmadabad via train. Then we picked a bus to Idar. Idar is about 110 km from Ahmedabad. Polo forest is another 15-20 km. Idar is well connected via bus and train or bus from major cities of Gujarat and to reach Polo Forest one needs to get Jeep or buses from Idar.

Idar Gallery

Polo Forest Gallery


Where is the location?

It’s in Gujarat’s Idar city. Around 110-120 km from Ahmedabad. 625km from Mumbai.

How to reach?

Idar can be reached by buses/trains from Ahmedabad. Polo Forest is around 15-20 km from Idar, buses, and Jeeps are available from Idar.

What’s the best time?

Generally, it’s advisable to visit in winter as it can get pretty high temperatures.

How much time do I require?

If one plans to go for trekking, it can take up 5-10 to complete.

What’s the cost?

From Ahmedabad to Idar it cost around INR 200(~3USD) by bus and Jeep will cost around INR 50-100(~1-2USD) for Polo Forest.

Happy visiting!

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