Have you ever been confused between two English words. They might sound similar but their meanings are different. The most common homophones are ‘then’ and ‘than’. Sometimes alter the places of these kind of words. Nothing new, it happens to most of us.

Current generation uses WhatsAppFacebook and believe me they have turned words in such ridiculously shorter forms that even they don’t know the correct spelling. Laughing Out Loud/Lots Of Love becomes LOL. Making shorter is fine but inventing new words goes beyond the limits(hmm..).

Google Explains Hmm


Thru vs. Through:

Let’s bring discussion to the topic. Have you used thru instead of though. If yes then you are not wrong. Both words sounds similar and they are actually similar. Thru is less used, and if you writing your exam through would be more preferable.

Root vs. route vs. rout:

  1. root is the underground portion of a plant.
  2. The meaning of route is narrower.
  3. rout an overwhelming defeat.

Optimization vs Optimisation:

They are same. Optimization is used in US English where as optimisation is used in UK English.

Percent vs Percentage:

Percent is any number (0-N)%. Example: Company got profit of 140 percent last year.

Percentage is any number between (0-100). Example: I got 80 percentage in 10th.


There are also many words which looks similar but have different meaning.

Look at the list

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Similar words different meaning!

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